financing our expansion

we are more than farmers;
we are producers of healths
and sustainability

Urban Farms Capital is part of the world’s largest and most advanced
hydroponic indoor vertical farming networks. Together we have been
developing and supporting the growth of this technology for more than a

Urban Farms Capital has built a powerful network of financial institutions and
capital firms to finance the rollout of indoor vertical farms across Europe.

Investing with Urban Farms Capital can be structured in a number of ways for
private investors as well as professional and institutional investors, including:

● Equity
● Debt
● Bespoke investment instruments and vehicles

Urban Farms Capital already has a strong local presence across Europe with a
solid team in place to start immediate business development on the initial
indoor vertical farms that are planned. As the investment and expansion
strategies progress, we will release updates on the investment instruments and
vehicles that will be available to private and/or professional investors. If you are
interested in staying up to date on our progress and the new investment
opportunities that become available, please contact us today.